to my One-Place Study of Nether Winchendon (also known by the name of Lower Winchendon), an attractive village in Buckinghamshire where time seems to have stopped still.

This site contains information on the history and people of Nether Winchendon over many centuries.  The One-Place Study is in its early stages although I have collected large amounts of information, copy documents, photos etc., connected to the village  because my own ancestors lived there for over two hundred years.

As I have accumulated so much information about the village and some of the people in it besides my own ancestors, I decided that I should share this with others who have a similar interest in this place which then gave me the idea to do a One-Place Study about the village that I have a particular fondness for, Nether Winchendon.

I will be adding information, photos, details and my own transcriptions from a variety of records over time so please visit again to check up on any updates.

Please feel free to contact me if you don’t see the information you require on this website and I will be happy to check the records I have in my collection.  If you would like to contribute any old photographs of the village or of the people in it or any data which I could add to this site please also contact me at